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English-Hindi > odeon

odeon meaning in Hindi

odeon sentence in Hindi
1.Other customers include Cineplex Odeon, Cinemark USA and Imax .)

2.Gunsberg retired as chief executive just before the Cineplex Odeon deal.

3.Cineplex Odeon took over in 1987, followed by Clearview Cinemas.

4.Adjacent the stadium is an Odeon cinema ( formerly UCI ).

5.The Odeon site is currently being transformed through the RENEW project.

6.It is near the modern post office next to the Odeon.

7.Lewisham once had many cinemas, such as the Lewisham Odeon.

8.Pinewood Studios and Odeon Cinemas were both sold off in 2000.

9.The building is opposite the much larger flagship Odeon Leicester Square.

10.Advertising now also bears the Odeon logo font in many cases.

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