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English-Hindi > ointment

ointment meaning in Hindi

noun plural: ointments   
ointment sentence in Hindi
1.The fly in the ointment: Hezbollah decided that the “Zionist entity” still occupied four areas of Lebanese territory. And kept on fighting.
परंतु हिज्बुल्लाह के निर्णय किया कि “ इजरायल ईकाई” ने अब भी लेबनान राज्य क्षेत्र के चार क्षेत्रों पर कब्जा कर रखा है और उन्होंने लडाई जारी रखी।

toiletry consisting of any of various substances in the form of a thick liquid that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin
Synonyms: cream, emollient,

semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation
Synonyms: unction, unguent, balm, salve,

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