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English-Hindi > operetta

operetta meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ˌɔpə'retə ]  sound:  
noun plural: operettas   
operetta sentence in Hindi
1.In a setting of campy Hollywood operetta, sublime poetry sparkles.

2.An operetta is shorter, and there is some spoken dialogue.

3.These were no mannered operettas he and his brother were writing.

4.Nineteenth-century operettas became the preserve of lightweight baritone voices.

5.He composed a substantial corpus of works, including two operettas.

6.The operetta, the charleston, and the foxtrot overshadowed kanto.

7.As a composer, Herbert is chiefly remembered for his operettas.

8.On 26 July 1938, he married operetta singer Elmy Holgerloef.

9.It is used for opera, operetta, and musical performances.

10.The location of the operetta was changed from Hungary to Austria.

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a short amusing opera
Synonyms: light opera,

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