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orifices sentence in Hindi

"orifices" meaning in Hindiorifices in a sentence
  • Use aluminum foil to keep water from getting inside gas orifices.
  • But there's more to it than a gargantuan orifice.
  • Crayfish relieving themselves from an unlikely orifice is one such postulation.
  • On its first attempt, a clogged igniter orifice prevented ignition.
  • L?Meng collapsed and died, bleeding from seven body orifices.
  • Constant mass flow is achieved by sonic flow through an orifice.
  • It is essentially the part right before the external urethral orifice.
  • The ureteric orifice appears normal and a ureteric catheter passes easily.
  • The airbrakes became stuck open due to hailstones blocking the orifices.
  • Victims ultimately bleed to death through body orifices, including the eyes.
  • Orifices and venturi are reported to be widely used for generating cavitation.
  • The orifice itself is smaller than that of the parotid.
  • The mechanism was presumably a chemically induced plugging of the pilosebaceous orifice.
  • The genital orifice is somewhat distant from the right tentacle.
  • The zooidal orifice has a narrow V-shaped sinus.
  • They have open orifices, which cannot be destroyed by high energies.
  • The circular orifice exit has a diameter smaller than the swirl chamber.
  • Compensated flowmeters work with a variable orifice and fixed pressure.
  • Blood began oozing from every orifice in his body.
  • Baseball is a calvalcade of earthy, hand-to-orifice action.
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