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English-Hindi > ouranos

ouranos meaning in Hindi

ouranos sentence in Hindi
1.Maybe there was not a native Roman divinity closely corresponding to Ouranos.

2.Kokkinos ouranos ) is a 2011 Greek drama film directed by Laya Yourgou.

3.My male character's name is Ouranos and my female's Ga�a.

4.Of Ouranos's own additions, chapter 63 deals with raids into enemy territory.

5.Damian Dalassenos was succeeded as " doux " of Antioch by Nikephoros Ouranos.

6.The word " eidouranion " derives from the Greek compound " eid + ouranos ".

7.Rhea gave birth to the Meliai after being made fertile by the blood of castrated Ouranos.

8.Eventhough I believe in Roman Gods, I calculate Ouranos & Okeanos as deities needed for sea travel.

9.The second titled, " Appleseed XIII : Ouranos " was released on October 24, 2011.

10.By that time, Basil Lekapenos had fallen from power and had died, and Ouranos continued to enjoy the imperial favour.

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