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English-Hindi > outrage

outrage meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'autreidʒ ]  sound:  
verb past tense: outraged   verb past participle: outraged   noun plural: outrages   verb present participle: outraging   
outrage sentence in Hindi
1.Akbar the hood of outrage is moving out of an event
अकबर के लिए आक्रोश की हद एक घटना से पता चलती है।

2.People were so outraged by this behavior that it was possible
लोग उनके व्यवहार से इतने क्रोधित थे कि उनकी राज्य विधायिका

3.With the challenge and the outrage
विरोध और उत्तेजना की भावना से

4.Calcuttans were outraged .
कोलकातावासी बेहद नाराज हो गए .

5.But these are details. “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet” is an outrage on two main counts.
परन्तु ये कुछ विवरण हैं जिनके आधार पर दो कारणों से Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet आक्रोशित करने वाला है।

6.This is not the first time Nepalese citizens have reacted with outrage over an apparent insult .
यह पहल मौका नहीं है जब नेपाल के नागरिकों ने अपमान के खिलफ अपना गुस्सा जाहिर किया हो .

7.Why is the Left nonchalant about the outrages committed by al Qaeda and Baghdad?
आखिर अल - कायदा और बगदाद द्वारा क्रोध उत्पन्न करने वाली घटनाओं पर वामपंथी शान्त क्यों हैं।

8.This incompetent outrage - Washington first helping Bank Melli, then sanctioning it - fits a larger pattern of federal agencies advocating in court on behalf of terrorists.
इस पूरे मामले में कई ऐसे तथ्य हैं जो इस बात को साबित करते है -

9.Israelis spying on Americans is in the news again: leaders of the Jewish state just petitioned for Jonathan Pollard's release and the Associated Press reported with alarm that U.S. national security officials at times consider Israel to be “a genuine counterintelligence threat.” Its tone of breathless outrage suggests: How dare they! Who do they think they are?
गुप्तचर बनाम गुप्तचर , अमेरिका बनाम इजरायल

10.Editors' Introduction : In belated response to a cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed published in a Danish paper and subsequently reprinted across Europe, scenes of outrage filed out of London, Beruit, and Damascus, among other cities this weekend. Flags and embassies burned. Placards (in London!) read: “ Behead those who insult Islam .”
सारे संघर्ष समाप्त करने का संघर्ष ? कार्टून जेहाद की सार्थकता

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a wantonly cruel act

the act of scandalizing
Synonyms: scandalization, scandalisation,

a disgraceful event
Synonyms: scandal,

a feeling of righteous anger
Synonyms: indignation,

strike with disgust or revulsion; "The scandalous behavior of this married woman shocked her friends"
Synonyms: shock, offend, scandalize, scandalise, appal, appall,

force (someone) to have sex against their will; "The woman was raped on her way home at night"
Synonyms: rape, ravish, violate, assault, dishonor, dishonour,

violate the sacred character of a place or language; "desecrate a cemetery"; "violate the sanctity of the church"; "profane the name of God"
Synonyms: desecrate, profane, violate,

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