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overthrust fault sentence in Hindi

"overthrust fault" meaning in Hindioverthrust fault in a sentence
  • The Himalayas, the Alps, and the Appalachians are prominent examples of compressional orogenies with numerous overthrust faults.
  • The Pine Mountain Overthrust Fault, a geologic fault system located several miles to the east, produces occasional tremors, the most recent in 2008.
  • His explanation of the geological structure showed that certain anomalous incidents of fossils were due to recurring interfoldings of the strata and to complex overthrust faults.
  • The Livingston Range was initially uplifted beginning 170 million years ago when the Lewis Overthrust fault pushed an enormous slap of precambrian rocks thick, wide and long over newer rocks of the cretaceous period.
  • Great Northern Mountain ( 8, 705 ft / 2, 653 m ) is the highest peak in the wilderness which is dominated by dozens of other mountains, all part of the Rocky Mountain Front, a huge overthrust fault that spans for 400 miles ( 643 km ) through Canada and Montana.
  • "' Chief Mountain "'( also called "'Old Chief Mountain "') is located in the U . S . state of Montana on the eastern border of rock formations along the Rocky Mountain Front, a long overthrust fault, known as the Lewis Overthrust, which extends from central Montana into southern Alberta, Canada.

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