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overthrust sentence in Hindi

"overthrust" meaning in Hindioverthrust in a sentence
  • Chief Mountain is a highly visible example of the Lewis Overthrust.
  • Teton Valley is located within the Wyoming Overthrust Belt System.
  • During the Westphalian the rocks in the Caqntabrian zone were folded and overthrust.
  • The overthrust towards the north onto the southern edge of the Molasse Basin.
  • Its top layer is an overthrust from the Iberian plate and is older than the bottom ones.
  • The Himalayas, the Alps, and the Appalachians are prominent examples of compressional orogenies with numerous overthrust faults.
  • It is the tallest peak of the Sublette Mountains, which are part of the Southern Wyoming Overthrust Belt.
  • The overthrust folds of a nappe belt ( e . g . the Central Alps ) are formed in a similar way.
  • It is represented by an alpine reverse-fault along which the sediments of the South Pyrenean Zone are overthrust by the Axial Zone.
  • A thrust fault just east of Fairview indicates where younger rocks from the Ordovician through Devonian were overthrust by their Cambrian neighbors to the east.
  • One of the areas that would be studied as part of an across-the-board look at energy resources would be the Overthrust Belt.
  • The Pine Mountain Overthrust Fault, a geologic fault system located several miles to the east, produces occasional tremors, the most recent in 2008.
  • He traced the plications from minor to major stages, and illustrated the remarkable overthrust faultings in numerous sections and with the aid of pictorial drawings.
  • From the south, the molasse deposits were overthrust about 10 kilometers by the Helvetic nappes, which caused the deformation in the Subalpine Molasse zone.
  • His explanation of the geological structure showed that certain anomalous incidents of fossils were due to recurring interfoldings of the strata and to complex overthrust faults.
  • The Los Colorados caldera coalesces with the Lazufre structure along the Archibarca lineament and is associated with a major fault, the Pedernales-Arizaro overthrust.
  • Known as the Lewis Overthrust, these sedimentary rocks are considered to have some of the finest fossilized examples of extremely early life found anywhere on Earth.
  • Overthrust self-produced and self-released their first full-length album " Desecrated Deeds to Decease " on April 8, 2008.
  • For Champlin, Union Pacific's ownership meant access to the Overthrust Belt in northeastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming that came into production in the late 1970s.
  • The contested national forest area lies on top of the Montana Overthrust Belt, which is estimated to contain one of the nation's largest natural gas deposits.
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