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pace off sentence in Hindi

"pace off" meaning in Hindipace off in a sentence
  • When she left, I went back and paced off the little spot.
  • I took a lot of pace off and got it in ."
  • He paced off the streets and sidewalks, taking notes on a draftsman's pad.
  • "For years my Dad's been telling me,'Take the pace off.
  • Reed, 19, finally said after pacing off his initial fury.
  • Taking pace off the ball gave Davenport time to set up an overpowering response.
  • She practiced it and perfected it, pacing off 10 steps.
  • "I realized I have to mix it up, take some pace off, " she said.
  • He was a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium-pace off-break bowler who played for Glamorgan.
  • Canseco belted a 535-foot homer that was personally paced off by Fort Myers Mayor Wilbur Smith.
  • I put on my working clothes and went outside to pace off the area to be covered.
  • First Sullivan would pace off the distance.
  • Kennedy never generated enough pace off the pitch to trouble the highest quality opposition on good pitches.
  • She started coming to the net a bit more and she was taking some pace off the ball.
  • Wile E . is left with a bare rear end from friction as he paces off the road.
  • An hour after they started their search, his team had paced off the length of two football fields.
  • Taking pace off the ball gave the 6-foot-2 ( 1.88-meter ) Davenport time to set up an overpowering response.
  • In the last set, he took some pace off his returns and let Hrbaty try to supply the power.
  • But Walter Yost paced off the area and concluded that a house could be squeezed in among the trees.
  • You can't hit yourself out of ( trouble ) because she takes the pace off the ball a lot ."
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