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pacer sentence in Hindi

"pacer" meaning in Hindipacer in a sentence
  • Fortunately for the Pacers, they have much more than Miller.
  • It's about the Knicks and the Pacers ."
  • The Pacers were just lucky to catch him in his debut.
  • Atlanta was third in scoring defense; the Pacers were fourth.
  • If Smits gets the better of Ewing, the Pacers win.
  • The Indiana Pacers did not need a dramatic comeback on Saturday.
  • The Pacers will surely come in loose and ready to play.
  • The crowd was shocked and the Pacers were in deep trouble.
  • We pick it up with the Pacers leading 89-87.
  • The Pacers turned the ball over ( Antonio Davis walked ).
  • The Pacers turned the ball over ( Hardaway stripped Davis ).
  • Miller, the heart and soul of the Pacers, disappeared.
  • In other words, it was the Indiana Pacers of hurricanes.
  • No one cares now when Brown brings his Indiana Pacers here.
  • The injury occurred when Pacers center Rik Smits accidentally elbowed Williams.
  • The Bullets, 19-20, made the Pacers work.
  • They made 11 against the Pacers, 10 against the Timberwolves.
  • Horry said of the former Sonics forward and current Indiana Pacer.
  • Schrempf played 33 minutes and had nine points against the Pacers.
  • The Pacers already have the Celtics'permission to court Bird.
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