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English-Hindi > pacesetter

pacesetter meaning in Hindi

pacesetter sentence in Hindi
1.By the turn, Stevens moved Silver Charm outside the pacesetters.

2.The favorite finished 1 lengths in front of pacesetter Six Below.

3.Beard was the pacesetter, no matter what the times say.

4.Hall of Famer Margaret Smith Court is the pacesetter with 24.

5.He is a boorish, screw-you pacesetter for cravings.

6.The newspaper also won a Pacesetter award from JACC in 1999.

7."The Foundry Conference has been a pacesetter on many occasions.

8.The Pacesetter battalion redeployed with the 4th Infantry Division to Ft.

9.The deliveries included six Pacesetter type units and eight GVA designs.

10.And he has been a crafty deal maker and pacesetter.

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a horse used to set the pace in racing
Synonyms: pacer, pacemaker,

a leading instance in its field; "the new policy will be a pacesetter in community relations"
Synonyms: pacemaker,

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