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English-Hindi > pachydermatous

pachydermatous meaning in Hindi

pachydermatous sentence in Hindi
1.He can throw a playing card into a watermelon rind ( which he refers to as the " thick, pachydermatous outer melon layer " of " the most prodigious of household fruits " ) from ten paces.

2."Boys must wreck cars, " summarized Tommy Walkowiak, 24, a boiler repairman who brought a pachydermatous Ford, a 1976 Country Squire station wagon, to Riverhead Raceway here Saturday night, after working a month on the relic in front of his Queens County apartment.

of or relating to or characteristic of pachyderms
Synonyms: pachydermal, pachydermic, pachydermous,

emotionally hardened; "a callous indifference to suffering"; "cold-blooded and indurate to public opinion"
Synonyms: callous, indurate,

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