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pacifier sentence in Hindi

"pacifier" meaning in Hindi
  • Diapers and pacifiers look as though they were made for dolls.
  • "We're not using pacifiers anymore,"
  • His pacifier still dangled from the dried blood on his chin.
  • _Limit use of pacifiers or bottles until age 6 weeks.
  • The move comes amid scares over poisoned pacifiers and tainted milk.
  • Ohion said, fingering two pacifiers he said belonged to Noam.
  • Many nebulizer manufacturers also offer pacifier attachments for infants and toddlers.
  • A pacifier occasionally moved up and down in his mouth.
  • Hunter tried to grab a pacifier from McKenzie's tiny mouth.
  • A pacifier that some state legislators want to take away.
  • It drools, it smiles, it sucks a pacifier.
  • _A pacifier, lovey or thumb can help comfort a baby.
  • For one thing, not all pacifier thermometers are accurate.
  • Don't stick a pacifier in my mouth now ."
  • This inspired Caso to invent a hybrid bottle and pacifier.
  • A couple of Jimmy's pacifiers were scattered around the site.
  • Or was the $ 900, 000 check enough of a pacifier?
  • Why do pacifiers appear to lead to more ear infections?
  • It's the natural relaxer that plastic pacifiers seek to replace.
  • Why would a teen-age boy be carrying a baby pacifier?
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