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English-Hindi > pacifistic

pacifistic meaning in Hindi

pacifistic sentence in Hindi
1.He said he had three reactions, none of them pacifistic.

2.Overall, the image of the newspaper was not clearly pacifistic.

3.Sheen has drawn plenty of heat during his pacifistic crusades.

4.But she added that the group is pacifistic and has no firearms.

5.From that point forward, he choose " a pacifistic illegalism ."

6.We are pacifistic in our approach to foreign policy.

7.Staying true to their pacifistic tendencies, the real Pokemon refuse to fight.

8.He has managed to hold out, maintaining a traditional, pacifistic view.

9.VVAW identifies as anti-war, although not in the pacifistic sense.

10.Zantor explains that they are the product of an ancient and pacifistic culture.

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opposed to war
Synonyms: pacifist, dovish,

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