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English-Hindi > package tour

package tour meaning in Hindi

package tour sentence in Hindi
सर्वव्ययी पर्यटन
package    गठ्ठा पार्सल
tour    दौर दौरा भ्रमण
1.We could lower the price of package tours to attract more clients.

2.Many people traveled from Portugal on package tours to witness the handover.

3.Most tourists go to Hong Kong as part of a package tour.

4.Prices for package tours in North Rhine-Westphalia fell 6 . 7 percent.

5.But he said packaged tours of the city are few in number.

6.We are teachers and hope to find a reasonably priced package tour.

7.In the U . S ., package tours usually target budget travelers.

8.Collette Vacations offers travelers many choices that reflect the change in package tours.

9.The bar is mainly used by attracting package tour groups on'benders'

10.For many travelers, a package tour might be a better option.

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a tour arranged by a travel agent; transportation and food and lodging are all provided at an inclusive price
Synonyms: package holiday,

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