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English-Hindi > packagings

packagings meaning in Hindi

packagings sentence in Hindi
1.Most releases by Vromb are made available in refined packagings.

2.The brand name is spelled " Kristal Cola " on all packagings.

3.The music has several times been recycled into different packagings.

4.Discounting re-packagings, the song has been featured on no compilations.

5.Three different versions were released with variant packagings.

6.Some wine producers are exploring more alternative packagings such as plastic bottles and tetra packs.

7.It is available in two different packagings.

8.The label is known for their detailed graphic designs, packagings and elaborate cover arts.

9.Thus extra care is often needed for active or smart packagings that are food contact materials.

10.ITW Mima Packagings Systems is a member of the Process and Packaging Machinery Association ( PPMA)

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