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English-Hindi > pancaking

pancaking meaning in Hindi

pancaking sentence in Hindi
1.It warned of the danger of " pancaking " floors crunching workers.

2.Others describe the floors collapsing on one another as " pancaking " down.

3.You have pancaking floors, loss of life, panic, " he said.

4.Pancaking heavily to the floor, the skywalks spewed a gust of wind and huge dust cloud.

5.Two plays later, Pace was back at his traditional left offensive tackle spot, mercilessly pancaking defenders.

6.The centre of the complex began to collapse, pancaking in a way portrayed in Gardens of Fire.

7.He's a zoology major on a pre-med track, pancaking linebacker stereotypes with every exam.

8.Reverse air bags have anti-collapse rings sewn into them to prevent pancaking when cleaning energy is applied.

9.Saturday also provided the key block on the game-winning touchdown run by Joseph Addai, pancaking Vince Wilfork.

10.It seemed like at first, we could actually hear the pancaking of floors, and then it all just dissolved.

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