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English-Hindi > pappa

pappa meaning in Hindi

pappa sentence in Hindi
• पिता
1.Nixon told the businessman, Thomas Pappas, in March 1973.

2.Pappas is a good place to give the gift of time.

3._JENNIFER PAPPAS, 17-year-old marine recruit.

4.Pappas said Garciaparra was in " excellent " spirits.

5.Pappas said of Garciaparra's wish for a second opinion.

6.Eli Grba goes the distance for the win against Milt Pappas.

7."The bone looks fine, " said Pappas.

8.Arthur Pappas grew up to be the Red Sox team doctor.

9.Pappas started with eight children in a church 11 years ago.

10.Through a spokeswoman, Pappas declined a request for an interview.

an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk
Synonyms: dad, dada, daddy, pa, papa, pop,

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