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English-Hindi > parishioner

parishioner meaning in Hindi

parishioner sentence in Hindi
1.And, perhaps, a hint of parishioner mistrust to overcome.

2.Church officials said Trosch spoke to parishioners about hellfire and damnation.

3.Ryan said he was humbled by the courage of his parishioners.

4.Parents and parishioners like to show their appreciation to the sisters.

5.His victims included a retired Lutheran pastor and several elderly parishioners.

6.This Sunday, instead of a sermon, parishioners offered testimonies.

7.For those sacraments, parishioners must still depend on ordained clergy.

8.All but one woman, the most diligent parishioner, stood.

9.The decision to receive communion will be left to individual parishioners.

10.Through a parishioner, Foster found a patent lawyer in Denver.

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a member of a parish

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