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English-Hindi > parsimoniousness

parsimoniousness meaning in Hindi

parsimoniousness sentence in Hindi
1.But earlier this month, that solid symbol of parsimoniousness was jolted.

2.Careful in money matters, she barely escaped the charge of parsimoniousness.

3.In a twist, her father's and stepmother's parsimoniousness opened up a financial spigot elsewhere in the family.

4.I must be trying to undo my father's parsimoniousness, because when I go on the road I believe in enjoying at least one overnight splurge along the way.

5.On the other hand, a language designed for lexical parsimoniousness should not be penalized for its small lexicon, if the amount of text written in the language proves that this language is more powerful than its small lexicon would suggest.

6.There is a certain parsimoniousness about this physical production _ the costumes and lighting, in particular _ that I hesitate to mention, in part because of the high cost of staging any musical show these days . Also because the production is so ingratiating, I don't want to sound like a scold.

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