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English-Hindi > passim

passim meaning in Hindi

passim sentence in Hindi
1.Bibliography of Part 4, pp . 309 325 ( passim ).

2.The Club Passim Archives booth was overflowing with patrons poring over Dylan memorabilia.

3.Today there is a Passim School of Music and Culture for Kids program.

4.Preussische Historische Institut in Rom ", Berlin, 1903, passim ).

5.Menahot 18a and Yoma 39a et passim ).

6.Soon they were invited to play at Club 47, the earlier incarnation of Club Passim.

7.Hoc est, vocabula apud Syros scriptores passim vsurpata ", at the Hexaplaric readings.

8.House of Assembly Debates 3 : 3481-3, 11 March 1974, passim ).

9.Chris Thomas _ I'm going to do a thing with him at Passim in February.

10.On Sunday, Laufman will come to Club Passim in Harvard Square for a rare dance and concert.

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used to refer to cited works
Synonyms: throughout, throughout,

used to refer to cited works
Synonyms: throughout, throughout,

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