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English-Hindi > pathologist

pathologist meaning in Hindi

pathologist sentence in Hindi
1.A pathologist who did an autopsy did not spot the overdose.

2.We hear it was useful for classroom teachers, speech pathologists,

3.The pathologists found only one cancerous node in the removed liver.

4.Hechter-Schulz is a microbial pathologist who fought tropical diseases.

5.There are some college professors and one is a forensic pathologist.

6.She had plans to become a pathologist before settling into acting.

7.But influenced by the pathologists there, he switched specialty training.

8.The pathologist also notes the prevalence of estrogen and progesterone receptors.

9.Like a pathologist observing microscopic images of cells, mothers know.

10.Pathologists were awaiting dental records before positively identifying the second victim.

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a doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis
Synonyms: diagnostician,

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