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English-Hindi > patrilocal marriage

patrilocal marriage meaning in Hindi

patrilocal marriage sentence in Hindi

पतिस्थानिक विवाह
marriage    विवाह शादी परिणय
1.Each generation supplied a male and female adult, with a preference for inheritance by the first son and for patrilocal marriage.

2.:: : : : : : : And having to accustom herself to her husband's household is evidence of patrilocal marriage customs, but not evidence for purdah as such.

3.And a source I have here explains the etymology of " uxor " as meaning " she who gets accustomed ( to the new household ) ", implying patrilocal marriage customs, but not purdah . ( In any case, in a society with purdah, a woman who went from seclusion in her father's household to seclusion in her husband's household would not have to become accustomed to purdah . . . ) And the Greco-Aryan article describes what seems to be a rather speculative hypothesis . talk ) 06 : 06, 17 October 2011 ( UTC)

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