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English-Hindi > patrimonies

patrimonies meaning in Hindi

patrimonies sentence in Hindi
1.Is character merely an expression of one's genetic patrimony?

2.Most Schiele works, considered national patrimony, cannot be exported.

3.I want our people to appreciate our history and our patrimony.

4.A society, Les Authentiques Bouchons Lyonnais, protects the patrimony.

5.It is an important part of Pernambuco's historic patrimony.

6.William set to work regaining his patrimony by force of arms.

7.The Duchy of Trakai was returned to Vytautas as his patrimony.

8.The place was declared a National Patrimony of Colombia in 2006.

9.Their ample patrimony was increased by the industry of Praetorian praefect.

10.It was a reduced patrimony that Rudolf inherited two years later.

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