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English-Hindi > pawn

pawn meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ pɔ:n ]  sound:  
pawn sentence in Hindi
1.The land is the farmer 's sole , property , although at times he is forced to pawn it .
जमीन ग्रामीएणों की सखु दुख की साथी है कर्ज लेने के लिए इसे ' रेहन ' ह्यगिरवीहृ रख दिया जाता है .

2.“ He may have just been the bait , ” says Yusuf , “ an unknowing pawn in the kidnappers ' game plan . ”
यूसुफ कहते हैं , ' ' शायद उनका चारे के तौर पर इस्तेमाल किया गया हो , जो अपहर्ताओं के खेल में अनजान मोहरा बने . ' '

3.Man , he found , had been reduced to the position of a helpless pawn in the hands of blind economic forces and an insignificant unit in the broad collectivity of a class .
उन्होनें पाया कि व्यक़्ति अंधी अर्थिक शक़्तियों के हाथ में कठपुतली मात्र रह गया है तथा विस्तृत सामूहिक वर्ग की तुच्छ इकाई मात्र है .

borrowing and leaving an article as security for repayment of the loan

(chess) the least powerful piece; moves only forward and captures only to the side; it can be promoted to a more powerful piece if it reaches the 8th rank

a person used by another to gain an end
Synonyms: instrument, cat''s-paw,

an article deposited as security

leave as a guarantee in return for money; "pawn your grandfather''s gold watch"
Synonyms: soak, hock,

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