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English-Hindi > penalization

penalization meaning in Hindi

penalization sentence in Hindi
1.The penalization term is used for controlling smoothness and preventing overfitting.

2.This rate of penalization tears at the social fabric of inner cities.

3.This can be alleviated by penalization of states with large spatial gradients.

4.Should constructive criticism be viewed as insulting and result in punishment or penalization?

5.In government administration, harsher supervision and enforcement of penalization should be applied.

6.But high penalization rates have political consequences too.

7.Germany and France have broken that limit, but have so far avoided penalization.

8.She lost only one sambo fight by penalization.

9.Evidence suggests that atropine penalization is just as effective as occlusion in improving visual acuity.

10.The positive value of penalization constant D has to be found using model selection techniques.

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the act of punishing
Synonyms: punishment, penalty, penalisation,

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