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English-Hindi > penny whistle

penny whistle meaning in Hindi

penny whistle sentence in Hindi
सीटी के मुँह वाली बाँसुरी
penny    धन पैनी पैसे
whistle    बांसुरी सन सीटी
1.The penny whistle solo was performed by jazz musician Morris Goldberg.

2.I used to love the sound of the penny whistle.

3.He taught himself first the penny whistle and then the oud ( lute ).

4.Because Penny Whistles was published 4 years later, it may represent a similar theme.

5.Penny whistle, accordion and mandolin dominate this back-to-basics album.

6.Sources : " Penny Whistle Traveling With Kids Book,"

7.Some cuts include singers and other musicians on percussion, flute, penny whistle, guitar and keyboards.

8.PENNY WHISTLE TOYS, 1283 Madison Ave ., near 92nd St ., ( 212 ) 369-3868.

9.In addition, the song contains a penny whistle solo played by Rusted Root member John Buynak.

10.At that time, Penny Whistle Toys had expanded to the West Side, Soho and Long Island.

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