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English-Hindi > pennyworth

pennyworth meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'penəθ, 'peniwə:θ ]  sound:  
pennyworth sentence in Hindi
1.This is broken when Alfred Pennyworth dies enabling Grodd capture him.

2.Humphrey Pennyworth " in the Joe Palooka B-movies.

3.Orphaned, Bruce is raised by the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

4.It is implied that Gordon is unconscious when they meet Alfred Pennyworth.

5.:: Well THIS devoted Mac user will add his pennyworth too.

6.Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth and the German Shorthaired Pointer Ch.

7.Thomas Wayne to both Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth.

8.After the fight, more flashbacks on the part of Alfred Pennyworth ensue.

9.They also dispose of Cobb's body for Alfred Pennyworth to find.

10.Weeks later, a concerned Alfred Pennyworth sends a distress signal to Nightwing.

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the amount that can be bought for a penny
Synonyms: penn''orth,

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