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English-Hindi > perambulator

perambulator meaning in Hindi

perambulator sentence in Hindi
• बच्चा गाड़ी
• बच्चा-गाड़ी

• परैम्बुलेटर
• बच्चा-गाडी
1.The nursery door suddenly opens and the dolls return in their perambulator.

2.High above, a perambulator dangles precariously along with an oversized rocking horse.

3.One morning the dolls leave the nursery for a drive in their perambulator.

4.For his own surveys, Colles used a perambulator of his own design and construction.

5.A presence, amid mere perambulators.

6.The platforms will have step-free access to the trams, accessible by wheelchairs and perambulators.

7.The platforms have step-free access to the trams, allowing unhindered accessibility by wheelchairs and perambulators.

8.Priestley's rain gauge and " perambulator " ( a wheelbarrow for recording distances ) delighted them.

9.We meet him first face-on, the upper half of a mannequin mounted on a child's perambulator.

10.Salad Fingers is playing with perambulator, which he refers to as a " nettle carrier " and then leaves with it.

a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
Synonyms: baby buggy, baby carriage, carriage, pram, stroller, go-cart, pushchair, pusher,

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