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perceptibly sentence in Hindi

"perceptibly" meaning in Hindi
  • But the book runs perceptibly out of gas toward the end.
  • The band is perceptibly competing against past band-singer permutations.
  • Less perceptibly, however, a new tide is rolling in.
  • Bush replied, edging perceptibly deeper into his native Texas twang.
  • The hindwings are whitish yellowish, hardly perceptibly greyish tinged anteriorly.
  • The mishap did not perceptibly affect Park's performance.
  • He began communicating, subtly but perceptibly, that he knew it all.
  • They plugged in to his repose and their collective energy level rose perceptibly.
  • The Western Conference pension fund was not perceptibly hurt by the bear market.
  • The value of debt servicing has been reduced perceptibly,
  • Males are easy to identify due to their perceptibly broad and smaller mandibles.
  • Newer skyscrapers, with their barely covered skeletons of steel, may sway perceptibly.
  • But over the last six weeks, China's rhetoric has perceptibly cooled.
  • The m515 is perceptibly better in that respect.
  • Science grows perceptibly in Taicang senior high school.
  • And it won't be perceptibly the end of anything, just carrying on.
  • I said, as Kupchak winced perceptibly.
  • By that time, the South had begun to change perceptibly, especially in statehouses.
  • The stainless was mildly but perceptibly warmer.
  • Stokes has recently proved with detailed calculations that old windows could not have flowed perceptibly.
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