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English-Hindi > perceptivities

perceptivities meaning in Hindi

perceptivities sentence in Hindi
1.Grasses and trees have life but do not have perceptivity.

2.Nobody knows this better than Baffert, who has the patience and perceptivity of the quarterhorse trainer that he once was.

3.Fowl and beasts have perceptivity but do not have " yi " ( sense of right and wrong, duty, justice ).

4.The best artists have predated society's changes due not to any prescIence, but because sensitive perceptivity is part of their talent of seeing.

5.His understanding of ordinary people, honed by the unblinking perceptivity that makes writers the odd ducks they are, enabled him to portray farm folk without affectation or condescension.

6.Now, thanks to the indefatigable research, perceptivity and brilliant writing of David Levering Lewis, we have Du Bois'remarkable life as completely as any biographer can accomplish.

7.Although genetics is linked to multiple sclerosis, most of the prime perceptivity of the linkage has not been fully characterized as there has not been a big enough sample size available for the research needed.

8.With John D . Mayer he significantly expanded the scope of the concept and authored several of the field's seminal papers, arguing that people have widely ranging abilities pertaining to emotional control, reasoning, and perceptivity.

9.Men have " qi ", life, perceptivity, and " yi " . " Chinese people at such an early time had no concept of radiant energy, but they were aware that one can be heated by a campfire from a distance away from the fire.

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