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English-Hindi > perforator

perforator meaning in Hindi

perforator sentence in Hindi
1.He also created a reperforator ( receiving perforator ) and a printer.

2.A check perforator punches small round holes that form numerals.

3.He was responsible for developing an electric eye perforator in the 1930s.

4.The perforator propeller flap is the propeller flap which is used most commonly.

5.Perforator veins drain superficial veins into the deep veins.

6.Creed created his first keyboard perforator, which used compressed air to punch the holes.

7.This latter subdivision is however not taken into account during the dissection of the perforator.

8.Only the size, position, and course of the perforator vessel are considered then.

9.In lower limb surgery there have also been reports of successful use of perforator flaps.

10.They receive the most important perforator veins : the Cockett perforators, superior, medial and inferior.

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