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English-Hindi > periodogram

periodogram meaning in Hindi

periodogram sentence in Hindi
1.No such inverse procedure is known for the periodogram method.

2.A common non-parametric technique is the periodogram.

3.Periodogram-based techniques introduce small biases that are unacceptable in some applications.

4.KZ filter can be used to smooth the periodogram.

5.This computed PSD is sometimes called a periodogram.

6.Determinations of sharp frequency lines in the spectra can be determine by adaptively smoothed periodogram.

7.The central idea of the algorithm is adaptively smoothing the logarithm of a KZ periodogram.

8.4 . The periodogram under consideration can be modified by multiplying it with a window function.

9.The starting value for the frequency can be obtained from the dominant frequency in a periodogram.

10.Many other techniques for spectral estimation have been developed to mitigate the disadvantages of the basic periodogram.

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