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English-Hindi > pfennig

pfennig meaning in Hindi

noun plural: pfennigs   
pfennig sentence in Hindi
1.That's up 40 pfennig from the earlier floor session.

2.Volkswagen AG shares rose 45 pfennig to 472.25 marks.

3.Bayer AG shares rose 10 pfennig to 377.1 marks.

4.Bayerische Vereinsbank AG fell 30 pfennig to 41.9 marks.

5.That's up 55 pfennigs from its closing floor price.

6.For the week, the dollar gained 0.8 pfennig.

7.Bayer shares were up 5 pfennig to 51.3 marks.

8.Shares closed floor trading up 16 pfennig at 51.26.

9.Hoechst shares closed down 31 pfennig at 51.1 marks.

10.Metallgesellschaft closed electronic trading up 5 pfennig, at 27 marks.

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100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany

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