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English-Hindi > pilot lamp

pilot lamp meaning in Hindi

pilot lamp sentence in Hindi

पाइलट लैम्प
पायलट लैम्प
प्रवर्तक लैम्प
सूचक दीप
pilot    खेवनहार कर्णधार
lamp    लैम्प कंदील चिराग़
1.Commercial flash pots include safety features such as warning pilot lamps, preignition grounding, and safing circuits.

2.The moving pointer is illuminated by a pilot lamp connected to a three-winding transformer fed by both sources.

3.The front panel also has a bright red pilot light lens ( better known as " pilot lamp jewel " for its multiple triangular-shaped facets ), covering the pilot light ( made by the Chicago Miniature Lamp Co . ).

indicator consisting of a light to indicate whether power is on or a motor is in operation
Synonyms: pilot light, indicator lamp,

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