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English-Hindi > pilot

pilot meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'pailət ]  sound:  
verb past tense: piloted   verb past participle: piloted   noun plural: pilots   verb present participle: piloting   
pilot sentence in Hindi
1.The pilot lines up the plane with the Hudson River.
पायलट ने जहाज़ को हडसन नदी की सिधाई में कर लिया।

2.A Ghana Airways pilot falls into the same predicament.
घाना एरवेस का एक पाइलट इसी दुविधा में पड़ गया

3.This is actually data from a pilot in the Los Altos school district,
वो असली आँकडे है लॉस अल्टोस में हुए एक पायलट से,

4.Pilot a submarine using air tanks and dive rudders
हवा की टंकी का और रडर का उपयोग कर के नौ सैनिक को दिशा दिखाये

5.The pilot had already turned the plane around,
पायलट नें तब तक जहाज़ को वापस मोड लिया था,

6.The GNOME Pilot tools do not appear to be installed on this system.
गनोम इस तंत्र पर संस्थापित होता हुआ नहीं दिखाई पड़ता.

7.And when the pilots walk around the plane, guess what? They can't see
और जब पाइल्ट्स जहाज के पीछे जाते है तो वह नही देख पाते

8.Because there were no trained pilots
पर उनमे भी कोई प्रशिक्षित चालक नहीं होते थे

9.And a teacher and a pilot.
या फ़िर अध्यापक या फ़िर पायलट ।

10.So then I chose another profession , and learned to pilot aeroplanes .
इस प्रकार मुझे एक दूसरा ही धंधा चुनना पड़ा और मैंने वायुयान चलाना सीखा ।

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an inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track
Synonyms: fender, buffer, cowcatcher,

small auxiliary gas burner that provides a flame to ignite a larger gas burner
Synonyms: pilot burner, pilot light,

something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies; "this painting is a copy of the original"
Synonyms: original, archetype,

a program exemplifying a contemplated series; intended to attract sponsors
Synonyms: pilot program, pilot film,

someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
Synonyms: airplane pilot,

a person qualified to guide ships through difficult waters going into or out of a harbor

act as the navigator in a car, plane, or vessel and plan, direct, plot the path and position of the conveyance; "Is anyone volunteering to navigate during the trip?"; "Who was navigating the ship during the accident?"
Synonyms: navigate,

operate an airplane; "The pilot flew to Cuba"
Synonyms: fly, aviate,

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