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pitchstone meaning in Hindi

pitchstone sentence in Hindi
1.They comprise dikes, welded tuffs, pitchstones, volcanic plugs, laccoliths and flows.

2.The pitchstone ridge of Scotland, was possibly formed as a lava flow in a valley.

3.Faircloth's first book published by Pitchstone Press, " Attack of the Theocrats!

4.Pitchstone deposits on the island were used locally for making various items in the Mesolithic era.

5."' Pitchstone Publishing "'is a publishing company based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

6.Flint and stone tools were found, as well as a piece of pitchstone thought to have come from the Isle of Arran.

7.Pitchstone from the Isle of Arran was used as the raw material for making various items from the Mesolithic through the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age.

8.Lindsay s latest book is " The Necessity of Secularism : Why God Can t Tell Us What to Do " ( Pitchstone 2014 ).

9.Neolithic features included pits and post holes with remains including fragments of some Early Neolithic Arran pitchstone and chert, and included scrapers, arrowheads and cutting tools.

10.The surrounding basalt was softer than the pitchstone, and hence the valley became inverted, with the pitchstone withstanding the erosion far better than the surrounding rock.

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