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English-Hindi > planer

planer meaning in Hindi

planer sentence in Hindi
1.For nearly five decades, the plane was left virtually undisturbed.

2.We were bombed by the planes, but we have arrived.

3."I've been on a plane all day.

4.But the planes they were riding on carried badly needed supplies.

5.One bullet pierced the outer skin of the plane and fragmented.

6.The boat planes easily and carries a generous amount of sail.

7.Crews for two helicopters and two planes were put on standby.

8.Plane trips were sometimes routed through Dallas, where relatives live.

9.Or maybe tomorrow they will let me leave on a plane.

10.There was a lot of talking going on on that plane.

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a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood
Synonyms: plane, planing machine,

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