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English-Hindi > planing machine

planing machine meaning in Hindi

planing machine sentence in Hindi

समतलक मशीन
planing    समतलन
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
1.He designed a special planing machine for planing the faces of the slide valves.

2.There were also two other planing machines in a separate building that was not destroyed.

3.The planes machine-gunned nearly every rooftop in the town.

4.There is evidence that he had developed a rotary wood-planing machine but details of this are obscure.

5.In 1935 when an electric planing machine was installed, a generator was used as the power source.

6.The plane machine-gunned the train and dropped a bomb that exploded on the embankment, narrowly missing the train.

7.Now the German planes machine-gunned the island of Sark and bombed Jersey and Guernsey to test the defenses.

8.By 1885, an addition was added to the cheese factory which housed a grain crusher and planing machine, diversifying operations.

9.A planing machine for further processing was originally located in the north-eastern corner of the mill, but was later removed.

10.In 1862, Thwaites and Carbutt exhibited a selection of machine tools at the planing machine; and a ten-inch centre double-geared slide lathe.

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a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood
Synonyms: plane, planer,

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