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English-Hindi > platitude

platitude meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'plætitju:d ]  sound:  
platitude sentence in Hindi
1.Nothing like a ringing platitude to ruin one's birthday.

2.Namely, the tendency to occasionally use the dreaded baseball platitude.

3.And he's out at the plate with a platitude.

4.Compare his courage with the timid platitudes from the White House.

5.Such earnest simplicity can veer into the dreaded realm of platitude.

6.And their detectors are acutely tuned for Republican candidates offering platitudes.

7.The legislative leaders muttered a few platitudes to the assembled assassins.

8.Hair fashion platitude of the moment : Heavy styling equals dated.

9.He doesn't always soften his criticisms with fluffy platitudes.

10.That is not a platitude, that is the grim reality.

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a trite or obvious remark
Synonyms: cliche, banality, commonplace, bromide,

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