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English-Hindi > pocketing

pocketing meaning in Hindi

pocketing sentence in Hindi
• बस्ती
• बोरा
• कोटरिका
• क्षेत्र
• द्विप
• खंड
• खीसा
• चेद
• हवाई गर्त
• जेब
• थैला
• आर्थिक साधन
• थैली
• छेद में डालना
• धन
• धानी
• बंद स्थान
• पैसे
• बटुआ
• आमदनी

• उदासीन
• लापरवाह
• कम
• जेबी
• हथियाना
• हड़पना
• छिपाना
• जेब में रखना
• धोखा देकर लेना
• रख लेना
• छेद में डालना
1.Michael Moretsky is pocketing $ 405 just for breathing cat dander.

2.They note that nothing prevents oil companies from pocketing the decrease.

3.I had it ready, he said, pocketing the paper.

4.Pocketing of nuggets or promising chunks of rich ore is tolerated.

5.Begrudgingly, Frank requested and received the money, pocketing it.

6.Tax preparers are pocketing new profits as the jobless go to work.

7.She sold the bracelets for $ 1, pocketing 50 cents each.

8.A chapter officer was suspected of pocketing money a few years ago.

9.Gate attendants were letting people in and pocketing the cash.

10.He and seven other men have been charged with pocketing the difference.

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