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English-Hindi > pointlessness

pointlessness meaning in Hindi

pointlessness sentence in Hindi
1.Gradually an overpowering sense of pointlessness began to affect American life.

2.Their failures, of course, simply confirmed the pointlessness of aid.

3.They convinced the troops of the pointlessness of further resistance.

4.The pointlessness of a religious war is also emphasised more.

5.Acknowledging the pointlessness of their conflict, the Brothers withdraw.

6.MaxBrowne puts it so well-disruption, time wastage and pointlessness.

7.The AL doesn't bother with such pointlessness.

8.The point of the play is the pointlessness of too many young lives.

9.It's a shame when the semi-great slip into pointlessness.

10.The lead performers salvage the movie from complete pointlessness.

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