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English-Hindi > polaroids

polaroids meaning in Hindi

polaroids sentence in Hindi
1.Could he possibly draw from a Polaroid of the couple instead?

2.Polaroid's 1994 sales were $ 2.31 billion.

3.They might even give you a cheer and take a Polaroid.

4.Polaroid isn't counting on consumers to revive Russian sales.

5.Polaroid declined to divulge the value of the West Virginia contract.

6.Polaroid sank 6 15 / 16 to 48 3 / 8.

7.Polaroid sank 4 7 / 8 to 50 7 / 16.

8.But even Spitzer acknowledges that the old Polaroid had its drawbacks.

9.Polaroid has suffered losses in four of the past five years.

10.At first, the photographer didn't like the Polaroids.

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