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polecat sentence in Hindi

"polecat" meaning in Hindi
  • The next year he hit . 333 with the Albany Polecats.
  • Among them, Bobrinski's serotine and marbled polecat are endemic.
  • Overall, the ferret represents a neotenous form of polecat.
  • They noted that the species may be the polecat, and mink.
  • The marbled polecat is found from southeast Europe to Russia and China.
  • Marbled polecats are most active during the morning and evening.
  • In the winter, marbled polecats will line their dens with grass.
  • Wild boar and polecat are also found within the Middle Atlas Range.
  • She co-founded the traditional music band Polecat Creek.
  • ;Hob the Berserker : A large male European polecat.
  • Does the word Polecat originate from'Polish cat '?
  • It's a quick pungent scent, a little like a polecat.
  • Marking is next to having a polecat in residence.
  • Where ferrets coexist with polecats, hybridization is common.
  • The European polecat feeds on small rodents, birds, amphibians and reptiles.
  • By 1980 the Polecats had signed to Mercury Records.
  • Buzzard, adder, polecat, fox and boar.
  • Otter, badger, polecat, marten are rarer.
  • Somethin'tells me there's a polecat in the henhouse ."
  • The smell of polecat lingered on the banks.
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