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English-Hindi > polish

polish meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'pɔliʃ ]  sound:  
verb past tense: polished   verb past participle: polished   noun plural: polishes   verb present participle: polishing   
polish sentence in Hindi
1.The brass masks of the gods are cleaned and polished .
देवता के धातु से बने चेहरे Zआदि की सफाई की जाति है .

2.That has been ground down and polished to such accuracy
जिसे इतनी विशुद्धता के साथ घिसा और पालिस किया गया है

3.And that's the kind of polishing that these mirrors have endured.
वैसी घिसाई इन दर्पणों को झेलनी पडी है ।

4.Ensure that foot mats are not kept on more polished surfaces and that mats are not loose, allowing people to slip.
अधिकतर दुर्घटनाएं घर में होती हैं।

5.We polish the rough edges of our lives
हम हमारे जीवन के ख़राब समय को अच्छा करते हैं

6.“ Yes , ” replied Lincoln , adding , “ Whose shoes do you polish ? ”
लिंकन ने कहा , ' ' हां , और तुम किसके जूते पॉलिश करते हो ? ' '

7.It's primary celling is replaced with the celling made from polished wood.
इसकी मूल छत को रोगन की गई काष्ठ निर्मित छत से बदल दिया गया है।

8.2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash
रूसी विमान दुर्घटना १० अप्रैल २०१०

9.The marble stone is made smooth and polished and improved upon.
संगमर्मर को खूब चिकना कर और चमका कर महीनतम ब्यौरे को भी निखारा गया है।

10.Touch it in stones polished by rain,
और पाषाण युग का अनुभव व

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the property of being smooth and shiny
Synonyms: gloss, glossiness, burnish,

a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality; "they performed with great polish"; "I admired the exquisite refinement of his prose"; "almost an inspiration which gives to all work that finish which is almost art"--Joseph Conrad
Synonyms: refinement, culture, cultivation, finish,

a preparation used in polishing

bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state; "polish your social manners"
Synonyms: round, round off, polish up, brush up,

improve or perfect by pruning or polishing; "refine one''s style of writing"
Synonyms: refine, fine-tune, down,

make (a surface) shine; "shine the silver, please"; "polish my shoes"
Synonyms: smooth, smoothen, shine,

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