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English-Hindi > polyethylene

polyethylene meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ˌpɔli'eθili:n ]  sound:  
polyethylene sentence in Hindi
1.Can I add polyethylene plastic before putting up the dry wall?

2.The cost of polyethylene, another major product, was unchanged.

3.A polyethylene saddle never even made it through the patent process.

4.To prevent that, put polyethylene plastic on the sand floor.

5.It also will make polyethylene, which is used in plastics.

6.Even the containers used are actually recyclable polyethylene, or PET.

7.The center conductor was suspended by polyethylene discs every few centimeters.

8.The upper half is shielded by of lead and of polyethylene.

9.Soft Plastics are also recycled such as polyethylene film and bags.

10.Generally the plastic containers are made up of polyethylene and polypropylene.

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a lightweight thermoplastic; used especially in packaging and insulation
Synonyms: polythene,

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