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polytomy sentence in Hindi

"polytomy" meaning in Hindi
  • All tested members of Heterodontosauridae form a polytomy.
  • However, other parts of the tree lost much resolution creating a large polytomy of large groups above Erythrosuchidae.
  • Instead, erpetosuchids formed a polytomy or unresolved evolutionary relationship at the base of Archosauria along with several other groups.
  • "Neuquenraptor " was assigned by Novas and Pol to the Dromaeosauridae in a polytomy with several dromaeosaurid taxa.
  • These species form a polytomy including " Glossodoris baumanni " and three clades of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific chromodorids.
  • A phylogenetic analysis places both species in a polytomy with " Gualosuchus " as the most advanced members of Proterochampsia.
  • Such studies have so far revealed almost nothing about relationships within the genus, placing nearly all of the sampled species in a large polytomy.
  • In a * strict consensus, * only nodes found in every tree are shown, and the rest are collapsed into an unresolved polytomy.
  • Different lineages exist that are apparently not stable in space and time, are best described as polytomy, from which the similar island taxa derive.
  • After " Aetosaurus ", there is a polytomy of three smaller clades in which it is unknown which clade diverged first from the group.
  • Both " Poekilopleuron " and " Lourinhanosaurus " were recovered outside the family, and many taxa within the Metriacanthosauridae were in polytomy.
  • The subfamily was originally classified in 1930 by Carpenter as "'Agroecomyrmecini "', a Myrmicinae tribe . basal polytomy for all ants.
  • These three taxa form a polytomy with " Chonecetus ", where the relationships of the four taxa cannot be more determined with the present resolution.
  • A polytomy thus presents an analytical problem, but can usually be better studied with more flexible phylogenetic network software such as SplitsTree, which can represent some polytomies as median networks.
  • A subsequent phylogenetic analysis conducted by Agnol�n and Novas ( 2011 ) recovered scansoriopterygids not as avialans, but as basal members of the clade Paraves remaining in unresolved polytomy with deinonychosaurs ).
  • Typically, a node with very low support is not considered valid in further analysis, and visually may be collapsed into a polytomy to indicate that relationships within a clade are unresolved.
  • However, the phylogenetic analysis in that paper resulted in Erpetosuchidae being part of a polytomy with the two main branches of Archosauria, Pseudosuchia and Avemetatarsalia, a distant position from Crocodylomorpha.
  • Additionally, their phylogenetic analysis recovered " Noteosuchus " and " Mesosuchus " in a polytomy with " Howesia browni ", a result which is inconsistent with such synonymy.
  • The researchers'cladistic diagram suggests that " E . primordialis " forms a polytomy with arthrodires, ptyctodonts, and all advanced gnathostomes ( namely bony fish, tetrapods, acanthodians, and chondrichthyes ).
  • In biology, a "'polytomy "'is a section of a phylogeny in which the relationships cannot be fully resolved to dichotomies, thus presenting an unlikely picture of many apparently simultaneous temporally based branches.
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