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English-Hindi > pralines

pralines meaning in Hindi

pralines sentence in Hindi
1.One praline, Evans Creole Candy Co ., $ 1.

2.Cool 30 minutes, then slice and serve with Praline Cream.

3.My mother made the potato salad and the very best pralines.

4.But, of course, we leave room for the praline.

5.This will keep the praline layer from floating up during baking.

6.The Bodes decided to start making pralines a few years ago.

7.Allow the pralines to harden at room temperature for 6 hours.

8.An 1870s-era general store sells homemade fudge and pralines.

9.1 quart butter pecan OR praline ice cream, slightly softened

10._A reader requests a recipe for pralines made in the microwave.

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