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English-Hindi > predicatively

predicatively meaning in Hindi

predicatively sentence in Hindi
1.They also usually can only be used attributively, not predicatively.

2.The inflected form is also used when the determiner is used predicatively.

3.All adjectives can be used either attributively, predicatively, or substantively.

4.Quantifiers, connectives, adpositions, interjections and onomatopoeic forms cannot function predicatively.

5.Adjectives may be used predicatively, as in " the house is big ".

6.Adjectives can also be used predicatively.

7.The OptiRTC platform is built on Microsoft Azure and uses internet of things technology to predicatively manage distributed water systems.

8.To use an adjective predicatively, suffix the third-person pronoun to the end of the adjective that matches the subject.

9.This is true whether they are used attributively ('the long road') or predicatively ('the road is long').

10.ACA 0 can be thought of as a framework of predicative mathematics, although there are predicatively provable theorems that are not provable in ACA 0.

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occurring within the predicate phrase; "predicatively used adjectives"

occurring within the predicate phrase; "predicatively used adjectives"

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