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English-Hindi > prescriptive grammar

prescriptive grammar meaning in Hindi

prescriptive grammar sentence in Hindi

अनुशासनमूलक व्याकरण
prescriptive    अनुशासनमूलक
grammar    व्याकरण व्याकरण
1.Religions thrive on guilt, and prescriptive grammar is the guilt of linguists.

2.Linguists refer to them as " prescriptive grammar " usually with a sneer.

3.The problem is that the prescriptive grammars often purport to be actual human grammars.

4.Also that all upper and middle class schools should teach such out-of-date prescriptive grammar.

5.Many prescriptive grammars and style guides include adjectives for inherently superlative qualities to be ungradable.

6.Linguists normally consider that prescriptive grammars do not have any justification beyond their authors'aesthetic tastes.

7.But really it's a question of style, and prescriptive grammars are best thought of as style manuals.

8.However, prescriptive grammar sometimes says that " plural " means two or more, and that affects people's speech.

9.What their projects have in common that they neither have a rigidly prescriptive grammar, nor a separate vocabulary.

10.However, from the standpoint of prescriptive grammar the less commonly used " planktic " is more strictly the correct adjective.

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a grammar that is produced by prescriptive linguistics

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